Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Pineapple Story--Online!

Last night while cleaning the kitchen and the livingroom (yes I do clean now and then), I pulled out my Otto Koning tapes and listened to #11.

Otto was a missionary in Paupa New Guinea and has some of the best stories! Today I discovered that you can hear him online! The Pineapple Missionary I recommend downloading the sermon, as you should listen to it many times :-)

If you really like him, you can purchase the entire 12 tape or cd set here

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LaserGold said...

I am also a huge fan of Koening. My buddy has a web site that links to the mp3's of Koenings stuff. Anyone can listen to it if they like. I do agree with you that people should also buy as many cd's as they can and then share the material with their friends and family. This is by far one of the greatest stories I have ever heard. His video about giving your life as a missionary is amazing as well. He talks of a terminally ill cancer patient going to the Mauri and winning them over to Christ. They are a very agressive, courageous war like people. The missionary that was dying had nothing left to loose and would try to bring about peace between the tribes, while arrows were flying all about him. His courage won the respect of the tribes and he was able to minister the Gospel to them. Otto Koening tells these kind of stories about friends that you may have not heard yet. Check it out.

Great Website to Check OUT!

My friend has a lot of links to Otto's stuff.